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Time: 2008-04-15 08:36 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association of Mexico: click "reform newspaper" reported, according to Mexico's National Bureau of statistics, since the 2001 recession in the United States, Mexico manufacturing labor prices fell by 15%. Labour prices in Mexico's manufacturing sector rose by 1.3% in 2000, and the U.S. recession began to rise slightly in 2001. After six years, the price of labor has been on the downward trend. According to the National Bureau of statistics, Mexico's "reform daily" reported that, according to figures from the National Bureau of statistics of the Mexico,Recently, jogging king New Balance once again for the shoes fans to symbolize perfect workmanship and the highest quality assurance of the Made in the USA cheap jordans for sale mens America produced a series of new. The upcoming release of Author 's series by US574SL and M997HL two pairs of shoes and a combination of popularity. The US574SL radical eye-catching red, while M997HL is low-key calm color appearance, two new products are made of high quality suede made either work or materials are highlighting the New Balance beauty series usual crafted, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. new-balance-made-in-usa-authors-pack-1.jpg (85.94 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance Made in the USA Author s "series 2014-9-3 23:52 upload new-balance-made-in-usa-authors-pack-2.jpg (139.35 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance Made in the USA Author s "series 2014-9-3 23:52 upload new-balance-made-in-usa-authors-pack-3.jpg cheap jordans for sale (75.54 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance Made in the USA Author s "series 2014-9-3 23:52 upload new-balance-made-in-usa-authors-pack-4.jpg (138.93 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance Made in the USA Author s "series 2014-9-3 23:52 upload new-balance-made-in-usa-authors-pack-6.jpg (119.16 KB, download number: 0) download Ne0Karl manual transmission has been gradually withdraw from the people's attention, the mainstream models began to manually block excluded. Manual transmission models generally as low as the fact that there is also from another point of view manual gearbox can not keep up with the trend of the times. China is a big country? is this really the case? We can see a lot of independent brands still tend to choose manual transmissi cheap foamposites on, but this is a helpless choice. The reason is that China's strength in the field of the automatic gearbox is not enough, can be made to meet the consumers of automatic gearbox, can only take simple structure of manual gearbox stopgap. though, the automatic transmission is more and more intelligent, but the manual transmission is still a lot of people difficult to forget the thrill of. Moreover, there are a lot of automatic transmission shift delay, power matching is not a good problem. Therefore, on the market a lot of flagship of the ultimate control of the machine still uses the manual gear box, such as Toyota and Subaru jointly launched the Toyota 86 (Subaru brz). This is the representative of the undead. who invented the manual transmission? who invented the car? Germa Cheap air jordan 12 ovo n or French, this is difficult to be conclusive, although the name of "automobile inventor" by the Mercedes Benz to grab the first. But the French influence in the car can not be underestimated. According to the survey, in 1889, the French Louis-René Panhard and Levassor Emile development of the gear box is the prototype of a manual transmission. In 1894, the brothers showed a 3 speed manual transmission. with the people on the speed of the chase, 3 block manual gearbox has been to keep up with the pace of the times. However, manual gearbox also did not usher in the hinterland of the earthshaking changes, until the 1950s, the car companies have began to 4 speed manual gearbox applications. 4 speed manual transmission due to high cost and technical restrictions, can onl Cheap air jordans for sale y be equipped with a number of high-end models or performance models. After a long period of time, the 4 speed automatic transmission was only beginning to become popular, and later that TOYOTA launched a 5 speed manual transmission, has ruled the 2000 or so, after the 6 speed manual file is only continued until now. At this point, the development of automatic gear transmission has exceeded the manual transmission. we should have more contact with the car from around 1980s began to increase. In 1982, the Shanghai Automotive Group and GM, Peugeot Citroen and mass deal after, the final decision and Volkswagen in cooperation, production was in Europe said Passat B2 models. This model has just started in the way of CDK. CDK the so-called is actually imported parts of foreign coun Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping tries to China, and then assembled in china. The first batch of production out of the Volkswagen Passat B2 that was to become world famous Satana (Santana), the car was.25th anniversary of the Air Max BW launched the Premium boutique color, too attractive! was born in 1991 Nike Air Max BW this year ushered in 25th anniversary, on the occasion of the launch of a lot of new color, and this Off-White and malt light brown color matching, showing the vamp is one of them. The designs of the deep blue, the midsole and the outsole are very vintage. In addition, Nike Air Logo convex heel at "Air Max" and the bronze label and show shoes tongue position. Nike Sock Dart NIKEiD is about to open the customization of personalized service in the next month, this is the best news for fans o Retro jordans for sale f Sock Dart friends, but in addition to the basic style, in the autumn the debut of the Sock Dart SE also officially unveiled. Sock Dart SE continues the classic design of the type of shoes, in the choice of materials by the net surface and woven materials combined with the design, of course, the most eye-catching to the rectangular area covering the upper number, and the first year of Sock Dart design is quite similar, innovation also pay tribute to the classic. At present, Nike, Sock, Dart, SE specific offer information has not yet been announced, like friends may wish to continue to pay attention to the follow-up reports we have brought you.Kanye West x Air Jordan 6 "In Memory Of" sample first exposure 2014-02-24 21:05:11 Recently, the Internet suddenly exposed a new Air cheap jordan shoes for men Jordan 6, rumored this & nbsp; Kanye West x Air Jordan 6 "In Memory Of" & nbsp; is to commemorate the mother and specially produced Kanye West, from the insole of & nbsp ; words Donda can be seen. Overall shoes white red tones rendered, and in the shoe body covered with dense golden embossed totem, but because Kanye was Nike parted ways, so this specially crafted version should have been aborted. New Balance 574 "High Roller Pack" debut 2013-12-08 23:24:28 sports brand New Balance 574 and recently released a new product, this new series called "High Roller Pack" contains two different color of the New Balance 574, respectively, with a black and purple suede shoes build body, texture excellent, and shoes lined with leopard pattern is adopted embellishmen Retro jordans for sale t, it exudes a low-key gorgeous beauty. adidas adizero Adios BOOST Pure physical Appreciation 2013-12-08 23:33:00 sports brand adidas has released a & nbsp; adizero Adios BOOST fashion edition adizero Adios BOOST PURE. Designer to & nbsp; adizero Adios BOOST outline for the design blueprint, into a more stylish color, the adidas first released two different versions of black and gray, red and blue were injected embellishment, while the technology is still in Boost white colors. It is reported that this & nbsp; adizero Adios BOOST PURE will be available in early September. No. 937, recording times epitome 2013-12-08 23:29:23 Every sports shoes brand in choosing a name for them when they have the unique know-how. Like a person, if you cheap jordans online have a very special name, you will impress others. Li Ning's first pair of shoes is named 001, it is obvious that this is Li Ning's first pair of shoes, to tell you, Li Ning sports shoes was born. Protagonist of this article 937 of the name is simple to produce the time to name the shoes, it is easy for future generations to know that this pair of shoes of the history and background. Like everyone's identity number, like 937 this number represents the day of the birth of this pair of shoes, in July 1993. 937 is not just the name of this pair of shoes, it is a time for people to understand the epitome of shoes. For 90 years the people, the people for the concept of the shoes is quite vague, as long as there is a pair of shoes, enough to solve all the possibilities of movement. A pair of shoes, you can wear it for a walk, you can play through it, you can wear it running, you can wear it to play climbing, and so on and so forth. Nobody would like this to market shoes categories carding a clear picture, even then we rarely can hear exclusive name sneakers, just a "sneakers", will instead call all shoes. Such a classic word along with many shoes all the way to the foot of the many people to this day. Or you are now rarely heard such a title, but it does exist in your childhood or your elders memories inside. 937 Li Ning is the first pair of basketball shoes Li Ning shoes in history, though at the time, people do not like the concept of sneakers classification, but the high upper, thick midsole are very obvious design of basketball shoes. Of course, he looks more like a child to wear our shoes. In the tongue, the very characteristics of the times that says & quot; Advanced Li Ning sports shoes & quot ;, very friendly name, because then, is indeed the case. Remove outside specially marked tongue inside, this pair of Li Ning 937 itself exudes rich flavor 90s, in the past, we do not know what lightweight, cushioning what, what shoes Technology. Because when people claim to like the shoes of that era synonymous with "shoes", become versatile pair of sneakers can be worn anywhere. Tall uppers show this pair 937 even in autumn and winter wear, but also have a good warm function. This pair of shoes on the shoe design is very simple, with large lines sketched on the role played dotting small Li-Ning Logo. Circle car line in the bottom and the upper junction has been difficult to see in today's pursuit of light in the bottom of the new shoes, thick midsole is also very much in line when the people for the durability of the shoes of choice. After all, when people do not like now feverishly chasing shoes, collecting shoes, buy a pair of shoes to wear or for the purpose. Wear one pair of shoes in the year is undoubtedly a good pair of shoes. Because there is no appearance of numerous science and technology fabric, so 937 as a high-quality leather upper materials, leather uppers with a good package, good support and warmth, and many other advantages. Leather uppers plus thick rubber in the end, so this pair of old sneakers in the years of training, but also showing texture and sedimentation history.