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The day before, sponsored by the State Ministry of science and technology, Chinese Productivity Promotion Center Association, Quan cheap jordans for sale zhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Jinjiang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of the "China sports shoes and apparel enterprises in science and technology innovation seminar held in Jinjiang, the city has attracted more than 100 people to participate in sports shoes and apparel industry. science and technology serve the function of shoes is not just to wrap up the feet. It is used for walking. It is closely related to human health. To make shoes scientific, we have to study how people walk. The study of walking itself is a science, and it is a comple Cheap air jordan 12 ovo te subject gait analysis." The chairman, the International Committee of biomechanics Chinese University Hong Kong professor Hong Youlian said at the seminar, the passive force of sports biomechanics has more than foot, more high level of "sports shoes foot adaptability and comfort" of the research, it puts forward the design concept of "human is the best shoes feet", with "Mechanics" as the foundation, with "biological" characteristics, the final "movement" service, with the professional background of the people usually serving the major shoe enterprises R & D departmen Retro jordans for sale t. The science now has a wide range of influence around the world. experts pointed out that China's sports shoes industry, as a starting point is not high, the current competition is mainly limited to product prices and product concept. Technology is part of the product does not have the core, the homogenization of serious, while the bombing of advertising price war, price war to end, the profits of the enterprise space will become increasingly narrow, enterprises will not exit is death. Therefore, in order to occupy a place in the highly competitive market, we must rely on excellent product quality, and the cutting-edge science and technology as the backing of the product will undoubtedly play a key role. , however, the domestic sports shoes brand of labor-intensive enterprises, technical content is limited, and some research achievements of the universities and research institutes are not transformed into productivity, in this case, joint scientific research institutions and universities, enterprises, walk ways of combining research is undoubtedly an effective way. Chinese Productivity Promotion Center of Ministry of national science and Technology Association Secretary General Cheng Guolai at the seminar pointed out that the development of science and technology to accelerate the upgrading of products, shorten the period of adjustment of industrial structure and change the mode of production. In the process of transformation from industry to human in the field of science and technology, more and more opportunities and challenges facing the enterprises, enterprises should make full use of science and technology to improve themselves, to create rich scientific and technological content of the brand image. shoes enterprises set off research hot shoes and apparel industry is one of the traditional industries in Quanzhou. In recent years, our city shoes enterprises earlier began to seek a breakthrough in technology research, XTEP, Anta, etc., global, Erke shoes enterprises have increased the investment in science and technology, strengthen product innovation, in order to enhance the competitiveness of their products, some also heavily engaged in scientific research institutes and experts teach)Carmelo Anthony Zoom Clear Out